I am an 8th generation farmer born and raised in beautiful Prince Edward Island, Canada. I produce high health weaners, market hogs and breeding stock within the CCSI system and export locally and internationally.

I started Hometown Pork because I believe that consumers want to know their pork is fresh, local, and naturally raised the right way.

For retailers and restaurants, I believe you want pork that tastes like pork should! I also believe you know your customers want the same.

For my fellow farmers, I want to make sure that we have a voice to let everyone know how we are different. And I want us all to grow and succeed so we are able to pass our farming traditions onto the next generation of farmers.

Hometown Pork is more than a logo. We are a new brand supported by generations of proven farming traditions, and we believe we raise the "BEST EVER PORK".
Scott's Off-The-Farm Resumé Highlights:

- Partner in NOFG Hog Plant on PEI
- Director of the Island Hog Board
- Director & Member Representative of the Canadian Pork Council
- CPC Representative on the BioSecurity Subcommittee of the Canadian Swine Health Board
- Past Chair of the Canadian Farm Business Management Council
- Aliases include That Hog Guy, Farm Boy & Grampy